Great Grandmastr Lau Soei

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Great Grandmastr Lau Soei

       Great Grandmastr Lau Soei (1879-1942)one of "East River Three Tigers". His name was Lau Shan Cho, origin from Guangdong Huiyang Guanyinge Lu Lan HeungYuenWai. He was the second child amongst the seven kids. His name was Lau Soei but most people misprounced it as Lau Soei and he did not correct them from the mispronounication. Eventually Lau Soei became his name.

       Lau loved martial arts when he was young. He was well educated, talented, hardworking, humble, forgiving and willing to help. He was already famous in his 20’s and owned a martial arts school. Lau was so exquisite in Shaolin kung fu that his pigtail would move according to his body movement but without touching has back.

       One day a Taoist priest passed by Lau’s school and watched Lau teaching his students. The priest told Lau that his martial arts techniques and skill sets were exquisite but not the “core of the fist”. Lau then invited the priest for a dinner and humbly sought his advice. This priest was Wong Fook Go.

       After dinner, Lau asked Wong what was the shortcoming of his “core of the fist”. Wong asked Lau to attack him. When Lau attacked Wong, Wong lightly defended. Lau could feel the power of Wong’s and this power eventually penetrated into his body. It was like a thunder striking on whatever parts Wong had hit Lau. Lau tried several different ways to attack Wong but Wong could still easily defend. Lau was so astonished by the power of this kung fu. He wholeheartedly asked Wong to be his master and teach him this “Chow Preying Mantis”. Wong was impressed by Lau’s sincerity and promised to teach him what he knew.

       After practicing hard for a few years, Lau had excelled. He opened a school teaching Chow Preying Mantis while Wong continued his journey. There were a lot of people came and challenged Lau but he could fail them all. Lau was especially good at “mantis catch cicada staff “which made him famous in East River. People called him "Lau Soei Staff" or "East RiverTiger”. In late Qing dynasty, Lau mistakenly killed a challenger in a ring at Guanyinge. He then escaped to Hong Kong and made his living by teaching kung fu at Shaukeiwan shipbuilding academy - "Sai Yi Club” and being a doctor. Many of his shipbuilding apprentice came from East River and worked and lived in Hung Hom. They knew Lau was a good master and wanted to learn Chow Preying Mantis from him. They proposed Lau to open a school in Lo Lung Hang and promise to recruit apprentice for him to secure his living. After 2 years teaching in Shaukeiwan, Lau moved to 2/F 59 Bulkeley Street Hung Hom until December 1941.

Some of the well-known apprentice:

     Five Tiger: Yeung Shu, Cheung Chung, Chu Cha Ng, Wu Yue, Yip Hay。

     Mighty Six: Chu Gung Wa, Lam Wa, Tam Wa , Yip Shui (people would refer as 3 wa 1 shui ), Tam Giu, Shu Hing。

     Other Apprentice: Lau Wai Keung(chuaHong) – son of Great Grandmaster Lau Soei, Lee Wai, Cheung Wa, Chow Man Gee – HK famous football player, Lee Cha, Mr. Leung, Lee Kam, Lam Wei, Chung Yue Fat ,Lam Shui, Chu Kai Ming, Hui Chee。


Great Grandmaster's home in WeiYang


Words pass from Founder:

1. Hands down the technique generation after generation, Raise the Chow’s family reputation one by one.

2. Just few pieces of drugs makes a dead end for the hero; Gambling is the express way from rich to poor.



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