Posture & Principle



Praying mantis on combat


The basic hand form and posture of Chow Ka-Praying Mantis¡G

Some demonstration of Grandmaster  Tam Wah on the newspaper at 50¡¦s.


Bow Chong
Narp Sau
Pic Sau
Man Dan Sau


Phoneix Fist
Ginger Fist
Narp Sau
Pic Sau
Soc Sau

Every styles has its own request on the posture for application. Which is exprees on the body, hands and steps.

The Chow Ka Praying Mantis has some special charactices on the posturesas following:


Hanging Wire, seize and hold hand, side head, frogs keen, curve upper back, iron ruler lower back.


The horse stand neither square nor cycle, start your hands that come from your heart, you don¡¦t come,

I won¡¦t strat, your heart direst your hands, your hands make a way, hands go but the body sink.

Walk on the top of the bridge, no bridge, make one by yourself, don¡¦t retrive your bridges but folllow the hands.

Body Posture :

The shoulder must sink and the elbow pointing downward, swallow the chest and curve your back,

You should¡¦t over does the swallow and the spit, it should swallow as it needs, if no swallow can done,

turn a side, get smart on single and double.

The fist:

Bow Chong, Gau Choi, Yui Sau, Chuen Sau, Cye Sau, Narp Sau, Shok Sau, Soc Sau, Got Sau Pai Sau...etc

Chow Ka-Praying Mantis power had differed from the 5 small strengths and 5 big strengths:      

Shoulder power 1
Shoulder power 2

The 5 big strengths:

Waist power; Horse power; Bridge power; Chest power and Head power.

The 5 small strengths: 

Fore head power; Eye power; Teeth power; Throat power and the Neck power.

Shock Power    

        The shock power of Chow Ka praying mantis had used to name as ¡§ruthless power¡¨. Normally, people can only express a power near their weight when they are in conscious, even after training people hardly can bear a weight twice over their size. However, when people meet a shocking situation, they can express a power far beyond their size. The purpose of shocking power training is tried to convey this unconsciously power under control.

Shoulder power-fornt
Shoulder power-back
Lower elbow power


Besides the shocking power training, we are enmphasis the power training of ¡§ Tung Tow Fau Chum ¡§ during the daily practice. The fist poems had said that tung tow fau chum takes time to practice , the horse is chasing and walk on the bridge as the way I like.


The three precious of

Chow Ka praying mantis:

The Dragon claw - gripping power

Shocking power - rib bone power

Hedgehog press ups - finger power



The tiger on the right hand side had doing a prefet Bow Chong¡G

Shoulde is off from body, break in through central, side head, elbow pointing downward, easy for either attack and defense.